The R4i Product Suite provides tools to create, manage and leverages S1000D, ATA and MIL-STD information, that is vital to the build, operation and maintenance of complex equipment.

The R4i Product Suite provides and end-to-end IPS solution, with the tools designed to be modular, easy to use and most importantly, robust.

Our range of S1000D compliant tools include:

  • R4i CSDB Server®
  • R4i Binder 
  • R4i Writer
  • R4i Viewer®

R4i CSDB Server®

The R4i Common Source DataBase enables you to create, manage and publish content, both electronically and in hard copy. The R4i CSDB consists of powerful tools that work together to deliver content to multiple devices and formats. These are: R4i Data Module Manager, R4i Common Specification Manager, R4i Fault Code Manager and the R4i Viewer®.

R4i Binder Professional

R4i Binder is a flexible ‘drag and drop’ system that allows you to build complete PDF Books that include cover pages, hyperlinked Table of Contents (TOC) and a hyperlinked Index. R4i Binder accesses ASD S1000D, DITA and other structured content held in the R4i CSDB Server’s database and processes the content using XSL-FO stylesheets. R4i Binder is an optional module for the R4i CSDB Server.

R4i Viewer®

Utilise this royalty-free online and offline IETM viewer, and you’ll benefit from advanced publication generation capabilities. The R4i CSDB outputs content for this smart, installable IETM Viewer for the Microsoft Windows platform. R4i Viewer supports the dynamic presentation of SGML, XML and PDF formats, as well as audio, video and other written and graphical content.

R4i Binder Standard

R4i Binder Standard allows users to quickly and economically generate books and change packages for review.  As with R4i Binder Pro, R4i Binder Standard can process XML and SGML content from any structure. To setup, manage and release an authorised version of a book, R4i Binder Pro is required.


R4i ReViewer

This licensed feature enables an advanced tool set for those utilising the Free R4i Viewer® as an IETM proofing, audit and review tool.

Advanced features include the ability to add sticky notes to Data Modules and save them as Comment Modules, Automated Link Checker, Reports and final Encryption.

R4i Binder Server

R4i Binder Client takes all of the latest easy desktop features of R4i Binder Professional and enables them as a client interface to R4i Server, allowing multiple PDF’s to be run at the same time server side.

With unlimited user access to the server, users’ profiles define whether a user can generate PDFs and Change Packages, release PDFs to the library, or simply access the PDFs for proofing.

R4i Writer for S1000D Authoring

R4i Writer is a powerful XML Authoring tool which is optimized for the ASD S1000D data formats.

Now authors can easily create high quality operational and maintainer information for PDF, HTML and IETP delivery.

R4i Writer installs ‘Ready to Write’ with schema’s and stylesheets for S1000D versions 2.0 to latest.



Other industries

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